Growth Groups

Our Growth Groups exist to connect people through a shared learning experience over specific topics - including, spiritual gifts, health and wellness, finances, relationships, addictions and more.
These studies usually last several weeks and take place throughout the year and are designed to develop community and mature the believer by providing the environment and resources to prepare us to do God’s work.  You can register for any of the groups listed here by clicking the button below. 
Financial Peace University

Scripture lays out clear principles governing how we should interact with money and with debt. When you follow these principles you can become debt free, save for your future and become an extravagant giver. And here's the good news: You can get there. You just need a plan that works.
That's what you'll find in Financial Peace University. FPU is the nine-lesson course that teaches you the step-by-step plan—aka the Baby Steps—to pay off debt fast and save more money for your future.

FPU is full of energy, easy-to-understand lessons, and real-life examples of people just like you who have taken control of their money. For good.
Dave Ramsey's been teaching commonsense, biblical money principles for over 25 years. And they work. Every time. And they will work for you.
In Financial Peace University, you'll learn how to:
• Take control of your money
• Attack debt with a vengeance and pay it off fast
• Save for emergencies
• Choose the right insurance plans
• Invest wisely and build wealth
• Give generously (the best part)

Start date is October 11th from 6-7:30 pm 
Facilitated by Rob & Aby Frank and Jason & Faith Lewis
Handling Loss and Grief

There are several losses that are experienced in life.  "Death" and "Little Deaths."  Little deaths are painful but not terminal, like divorce, loss of a job, loss of a home, a friendship, and so on.  We will look at the different stages of the grieving process and since we believe in the healing power of Jesus we can find His help during these difficult times.  This study will help us understand our identity as we get to know who we are, who God says we are and what our identity in recovery can be.  We will learn how to reconnect with life as we move into the future with peace in our hearts.  The group will start Wednesday, September 13th from 6:00 - 7:30 pm.  Children and youth ministry opportunities will be available each Wednesday.

Fervent Fridays

Fervent Fridays is a gathering of friends for food, fellowship, prayer and discussion of our weekly Sunday service message in the home of Dewey & Katie Beckett at  7:00 p.m. each Friday.

Join us as we enjoy tasty cuisine in an atmosphere of love, acceptance and forgiveness as we study the challenging weekly sermon.
Pastor’s Deep Dive Discussion

Sit down with Pastor Farley and dive deeper in discussion about his weekly sermon. In this setting, we get the opportunity to ask questions to gain clarity and insight about his weekly message in a way that isn’t always possible by just “hearing” a sermon.

Jesus spoke to the multitudes, but he sat down with His disciples and explained to them what He meant in a deeper way. He was “making” disciples, taking them deeper into the Word of God.

We meet on the Rhema Christian Center campus Wednesdays from 6:00 – 7:30 p.m.