Begins April 14th
Second Saturday of each month
GiantSlayer Consultants Dave Beavers & Bill Krafft

Are you one of many who have something important to say to others but lack the skills or confidence to speak in public? Maybe you’re already comfortable speaking in public but would like to improve and hone your skills.
In this club/workshop, you will have access to free professional training and a place to practice your speeches and presentations. In this speaker forum, you will receive professional coaching from Bill and Dave. You will also receive group feedback to assist in your continuous improvement.
You will learn the three critical elements of a great speech or presentation. You will learn to improve your rapport, establish your credibility, and how to keep your message relevant to your unique audiences.  You’ll learn to craft your message into a masterpiece by learning six important elements to use when structuring and writing your speeches.
Club size is limited to twelve people so register early.